How to make: a Woodland Tabletop Puppet Show

tabletop puppet show

What you will need:

a long stick


hamper, square basket, small suitcase

scarves and shawls in different sizes and colours to include: green (fields, hills, mountains), brown (paths, ground, mountains), blue (rivers, sea)

dolls, soft animals, wooden figures

props: sticks, stones, acorns, pinecones, doll furniture, clothes and accessories as required by your story


1.Find a spot with space for rugs or ideally logs for seating.

a perfect spot

2.Prop or tie the stick across two trees and drape over a blanket to act as a back drop:


Hold the blanket in place with clothes pegs:


3.Create your tabletop using the baskets, hamper or suitcase:

create table top

4.Cover with shawls and scarves:

green shawl

5.Cover characters to be met later in the story so they can be revealed as the story progresses:


6.Arrange your set. Keep it minimal. Place any props in sequence under the scarves or behind the stage so you can reach for them easily.

7.Tell your story… and enjoy!







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