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They scurried around, studying every toadstool they came to. At last they found it. Princess Pearl knelt down and knocked on a tiny green door. It flew open.


“Who are you? What do you want?” demanded the elf.

“We need you to help us get a fairy down from a tree,” the King commanded.

“Alright,” said the elf and came with them.

 They reached the tree and the elf stopped and shook his head.

“It’s no good, I can’t get past that big thorn bush,” he said.

“I can help you,” said the King and gently lifted the elf up onto a branch.

The elf ran up the tree to the fairy and with his tiny nimble fingers freed her wings.

“Oh thank you!” she cried. “But my babies… Oh my babies, where are they?”

“Right here,” said Princess Pearl and held out her hand.

The fairy’s face lit up with delight as she drew her the two little babies to her.

“Mama! Mama!” They beamed up at her, happy now.

“Oh thank you all,” said the fairy. “Let me give you a present for being so good!”

She waved her wand and all at once they were each holding a beautiful pink crystal.

“Beautiful!” breathed the Queen. “I’ll have mine made into a ring.”

“I’m going to have mine in a tiara,” said Princess Pearl.

“I’m keeping mine in my special box,” said Prince Joe.

“I will put mine on my crown,” said the King.

“And I’m going to put mine on a big table for everyone to look at,” said the elf, staggering home with his.

“Happy Christmas everyone!” said the fairy and flew off with her babies.

Then the children and the King and Queen went home to their castle, just in time for dinner.








Amanthi Harris©

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