About StoryHug

StoryHug is about making and telling stories together. We want to inspire story making and storytelling with children and adults, making new worlds, new stories and going deep into the magical realms of old tales.

We are: Jason (technical stuff) and Amanthi (stories, illustrations, photos and storytelling).storyhuggers

Since becoming parents we’ve discovered the pleasures and rewards of storytelling.  Whenever it seemed impossible to feel creative again, we were surprised to find that inventing a story for our daughter helped us revive our own imaginations and reconnect with ourselves while making the type of story she loves best: those made especially for her.

It doesn’t seem to matter how crudely crafted our offerings are, they are listened to with rapt attention – the best kind of encouragement for making a truly spectacular story!  We hope this site inspires you to make stories with your loved ones too!

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